Get Insulin Free Today Program

Using years of clinical experience  at the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic and published scientific studies, in the Get Insulin Free Program you will be taught how to reduce or eliminate your need for insulin and have even better control of your diabetes. In some instances, the diabetes is put into remission forever!

In this unique program, a physician will make a housecall to your home and perform an initial evaluation of your medical and lifestyle situation. A personalized program will be outlined with follow-up visits to assist in monitoring the diabetes and other health problems. In some cases, the insulin can be eliminated in just 1 week!

What you get

  • Personalized metrics including body fat percentage, blood ketones, and more
  • Intensive coaching on how to fine-tune your lifestyle to get the most out of the program
  • A pack of healthy foods to try
  • Suggested recipes and menu plans
  • Detailed education on diabetes and its interaction with diet and lifestyle
  • A support group of patients who have gone through this program or are starting the process themselves

Initial Evaluation

A physician will make house calls to perform an initial detailed medical and lifestyle evaluation.

Follow-up Visits

Each visit is personalized to address diabetes education and your new lifestyle to become insulin-free.

Home Food Check

To be sure that you are changing your lifestyle appropriately, we will assist you in choosing the correct foods.

Grocery Store Tour

If you desire, one of our staff will take you on a grocery store tour to help you choose the correct foods.

Our Services

$5000 to get you off insulin.¬† We’ll work with you as long as it takes.

$200 for an initial visit and evaluation, $500 for each subsequent visit.¬† Each time we’ll walk you through a sequence of education, lifestyle evaluation, and coaching.
Group information session to learn about this unique program

Why Choose Us

      • Get free from insulin dependence – no more constant needlesticks
      • Personalized advice from a leading expert in lifestyle medicine
      • We take you off drugs, rather than putting you on them
      • Lose weight effortlessly as you come off insulin
      • Access to enthusiastic support groups of former patients

What Client’s Say

I came off 180 units of insulin in 3 weeks! I feel great!
B.C., Durham NC
I’m not taking nearly as much insulin, and my blood sugars are better than ever.
A.G., Cary NC
I had been taking insulin for 15 years, and now I don’t need it at all!
C.C., Roxboro NC
Dr. Westman makes what you need to do very clear. I never thought I could do it, but it was much easier than I thought.
R.H., Raleigh NC
I had no idea that the food that you eat affected the diabetes so much. I’m really careful about what I eat now.
J.W., Chapel Hill NC