We help our patients get off insulin to lose weight, feel better, and enjoy better health.

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Our combination of diet and medical therapy will help get you off insulin and back to living your life.Learn More

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Get personal guidance from Dr. Westman, a world-famous expert on diabetes and diet who has taken over 100 patients off insulinLearn More

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Track your journey to coming off insulin with advanced ketone monitoring you won’t even find in most hospitals.Learn More

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By getting off insulin, you’re setting yourself up for success with losing weight and improving your lifelong health.Learn More

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What Patients Say

I came off 180 units of insulin in 3 weeks! I feel great!
B.C., Durham NC
I’m not taking nearly as much insulin, and my blood sugars are better than ever.
A.G., Cary NC
I had been taking insulin for 15 years, and now I don’t need it at all!
C.C., Roxboro NC
Dr. Westman makes what you need to do very clear. I never thought I could do it, but it was much easier than I thought.
R.H., Raleigh NC
I had no idea that the food that you eat affected the diabetes so much. I’m really careful about what I eat now.
J.W., Chapel Hill NC